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The little secrets you didn't know about spunlaced nonwovens

A spunlace is a special fabric with sophisticated processing techniques, resulting in a fabric that is much superior to ordinary fabrics. What are the raw materials used in spunlace nonwovens and what performance characteristics does it have?
What are spunlace nonwovens?
A hydroentangled nonwoven is a fabric made by processing fibres using the hydroentanglement method. The fibres can be natural fibres such as cap, silk, linen, cotton etc.; conventional fibres, polypropylene fibres, acetate fibres, polyamide fibres etc.; differentiated fibres, shaped fibres, ultra-fine fibres, high curl fibres, low melting point fibres etc.; and highly functional fibres carbon fibres, metal fibres etc.
The hydroentanglement method uses high-pressure micro-fine water jets onto the fibre web. Under the force of the interpenetrating water flow, these fibres are displaced and begin to entangle and hold together, which means that the fibres are made to twist into a single strand, allowing the fibre web to be reinforced. This is why hydroentangled nonwovens are stronger than ordinary nonwovens and do not destroy the flexibility of the fibres, which are also very breathable.
Features of spunlace nonwovens
1. Hydroentangled nonwovens are made by puncturing the fibres with water so that the fibres are flexibly entangled together. So it is both strong and soft.
2. The appearance of spunlace nonwovens looks very close to that of conventional textiles. Unlike other fabrics made from non-woven materials, it looks more natural and soft.
3. Because spunlace is so strong, it is hard-wearing and tensile in use and does not pile up easily. No adhesives are added to the fabric and it is strong thanks to its fibres, which do not get weaker with each wash.
4. This fabric has a strong moisture absorption capacity and can quickly absorb moisture into the fibre web. Spunlace is also very breathable and can be used to make clothing without causing a stuffy feeling.
5. The appearance of spunlace is very rich and can be varied to meet a variety of aesthetic needs.
Spunlace is suitable for use in the medical and industrial sectors, and can also be used to make clothing and construction materials. It can also be used in the home to produce various household products.
Applications of spunlace
(1) Medical and hygiene nonwovens: surgical gowns, protective clothing, disinfection wraps, medical curtains, trauma dressings, masks, diapers, civil wipes.
(2) Hygiene cloths: wet face towels, magic towels, cosmetic pads, soft towel rolls, beauty products, sanitary napkins, sanitary pads and disposable hygiene cloths, etc.
(3) Non-woven fabrics for home decoration: wall coverings, tablecloths, bed sheets, bedspreads, etc.
(4) Nonwoven fabrics for garments: lining, bonding lining, wadding, shaping cotton, various synthetic leather backing fabrics, etc.
(5) Nonwovens for industrial use; filter materials, insulation materials, coated base cloths, cement packaging bags, geotextiles, covering cloths, etc.
(6) Nonwoven fabrics for agriculture: crop protection cloth, rice planting cloth, irrigation cloth, insulation curtain, etc.
(7) Other non-woven fabrics: high-grade wipes for electronic occupations, high-grade wipes for instruments and meters, aviation wipes, space wool, heat insulation and sound insulation materials, oil-absorbing felt, cigarette filters, bagged tea bags, etc.


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