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True and false non-woven bag identification method

  Contemporary society appeared a lot of fake and shoddy products how to identify genuine and fake non-woven bags, but also some fake things produced than really really, but the fake is always fake! With last year's ban Nonwovens industry began to usher in their own spring, many businesses have spotted the development prospects of non-woven bags industry began to invest in this new industry; where also many criminals also appeared to win more individuals Interests at the expense of consumers rights out of the fake non-woven products!
  In order to safeguard the rights and interests of consumers, I introduce several ways to distinguish between true and false non-woven bags:
  1. Water detection method: the non-green bags in the water, and press into the bottom, non-toxic non-small proportion of non-green bags, surfaced, poisonous non-green bags proportion, sinking.
  2. Fire detection method: Non-toxic polyethylene non-environmentally friendly bags flammable, the flame is blue, yellow on top, burning like candle tears drip, paraffin taste, smoke less toxic PVC non-green bags is not easy Burning, the fire is extinguished, the flame is yellow, the bottom is green, softening can drawing, hydrochloric acid irritating odor.
  3. Jitter detection method: Grasping the non-eco-friendly bag at one end by hand shake, issued a crisp sound non-toxic; bored sound toxic.
  Sensory test: non-toxic non-environmentally friendly bags were milky white, translucent, or colorless and transparent, flexible, feel smooth, waxy surface; toxic non-green bags color turbid or yellow, feel sticky.
  For your own non-woven bags purchased in the supermarket You can also know from the above description is true or false to buy their own non-woven shopping bags.

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