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Application of Spunbond Nonwovens in Agricultural Science and Technology

  Anti-aging spunbond non-woven film translucency, Sui with the increase of the thickness of the lower, 16 grams of white spunbond non-woven fabric transmittance of about 85.6%, while 30 grams only 60%, spunbond non-woven The permeability of the film increases with the thickness of the weakened, with the external wind speed increases and the temperature difference between inside and outside increases.
  MEP's pilot test results show that mild surface water pollution in rural areas, soil samples exceeded the rate of 21.5%, farmland and vegetable soil pollution are more serious. Reduce the cover film After the use of fertilizers, the natural environment of the soil can be repaired, storage and gas storage capacity can be improved, the permeability greatly increased, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of root rot, blight and virus diseases.
  Reducing the use of chemical fertilizers on mulching and reducing the number of pesticides used, the content of nitrite, heavy metal lead, arsenic, cadmium, chromium and mercury in fertilizers and pesticides in the soil will be greatly reduced. Among the agricultural products produced, nitrite, Very few heavy metals, much lower than Japan, the United States, the EU's residual standards. The production process does not add any hormones, regulators, thus ensuring the safety of food.
  Film mulching in early spring can prevent more wintering pests in the soil under the trees to prevent and reduce the propagation and infection of the pathogenic bacteria in the soil to prevent and reduce the occurrence and development of pests and diseases. Pieces, the tree body robust, can greatly improve the tree's disease resistance.
  Spraying rice seedling spunbond non-woven film, to solve the problem of seedlings can not yield high yield of seedlings
  Corn solves the problem of non-sprayed or non-sprayed grass in corn fields: the herbicide destroys the soil very much, and for sustainable agricultural development, it always has to eat and eat as much as possible without using herbicides. The method is not long grass: wheat after harvest in the stubble in the corn stalks covered with spunbonded non-woven film, both environmentally friendly and high yield.
  Cotton to solve the problem caused by the cotton bloom caused by falling plum blossom, peach, low yield problems: cotton is too long top dressing is too much, water imbalance caused by cotton buds caused by the long, but also pests, flowers are flowering Rainy water into the water. Cotton grow strong in order not to be prosperous, no buds, no flowering, the use of plastic film technology to reduce fertilizer use, higher yield.
  Peanut solves the problem of peanut, which is a crop with rhizobia, and rhizobia, which is nitrogen in fixed air, which solves the problem of low yield of unripe flower growth and damage of catfish. There is no need for fertilizers at all. The reason why the flowers are not fully grown is that leaf spot leaves are deciduous early and fallen leaves are sprayed with paclobutrazol. Therefore, as long as you topdressing chemical fertilizers, , A spray "paclobutrazol" peanuts easy to get leaf spot disease, get leaf spot began to deciduous, peanut 150 days growth period will be less than 120 days will be early leaves dead, peanut Zhan long enough to want to let the flower grow full The method is; after the wheat harvest using spunbond non-woven film, high yield, good quality.
  Soybean solved the problem of low yield of soybean, long trees do not pod, pods and seed not long: soybean is also a rhizobium nitrogen-fixing crops, fertilizers easy to grow, coupled with the density, easy to cause the shade to see the sun does not pod, pod Not long seeds, etc., but also with the imbalance of fertilizer. Only covered with spun-bonded non-woven film, let it grow will inhibit the prosperous.
  Reduce the use of fertilizers, agricultural products, cotton, oil, melons, fruit, vegetables, tobacco, tea and meat, eggs, dairy products, minimal or no carcinogenic and pathogenic toxins, combined with the air to breathe clean, Thus protecting future human health.

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