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The definition of non-woven fabrics and use classification

  Durability, one-time. Insulation, conductive. Softness, stiffness. Fineness, expansibility.
  Isotropic, anisotropic. Filtration, breathable impermeable. Elasticity, stiffness.
  Light, loose, warm. Thin as onion skin, thick as felt. Waterproof and breathable.
  Ironing, stitching, compression molding. Flame retardant, antistatic. Permeable, waterproof, wear-resistant, fluffy.
  Fold-resistant, good elasticity, high moisture absorption, water repellency.
  Medical and health care: surgical gowns, caps, covers, gypsum cotton, feminine napkins, baby diapers, wet wipes, sanitary underwear, dust cover.
  Agriculture: harvest cloth, shed fabric.    
  Industrial: Floppy disk liner, speaker cloth, filter material, sound insulation mats, seal ring lining, cable cloth, fiberglass reinforced towel, industrial wipes, shock pads, insulation materials, tape backing, pipe lining, ventilation ducts, Shapi cloth.
  Packaging: composite cement bags, luggage lining, packaging base lining, Xu Xu, storage bags, mobile Jacquard cloth bag.
  Clothing shoes: apparel lining, flakes, toe hard lining, heel lining, underwear, artificial deerskin, synthetic leather, warm shoes lining, shoes lining.
  Automotive industry: waste thermal insulation blankets, earthquake felt, roof, cushion lining, carpets, door linings, car filters, molding cushion.
  Household clothing: sofa cloth, carpet, paste cloth wall, cleaning cloth, tea bags, vacuum cleaner filter bags, shopping bags, printing sheets, shrouds, cushions, sleeping bags, dry cleaning rags, scouring pad, curtains, lampshade.
  Civil Engineering, Construction: Reinforcement, Reinforcement, Filtration, Felt Base, Drainage Board, Roofing Waterproofing, Railway, Road, Breakwater, Water Slope, Harbor Soundproofing, Sewer, Thermal Protection, Separation, Drainage.
  Other uses: launch vehicle, missile head cone, tail nozzle throat lining, senior banknote printing paper, space shuttle heat-resistant tiles, map cloth, calendar cloth, artificial cloth, canvas.

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