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Non-woven features introduced

  Non-woven is a kind of non-woven fabric, which is the direct use of polymer chips, short fibers or filaments through the air flow or mechanical network, and then through spunlace, acupuncture, or hot-rolled reinforcement, and finally after finishing The formation of a non-woven fabric. The new fiber products, which have a soft, breathable and planar structure, have the advantage of being free of lint, being tough, durable, silk-like and soft, and yet being cotton-like. The non-woven bags are easier to form than cotton fabrics, Cheap price.         
  In environmental protection, most of the nonwovens currently used are made of polypropylene, while the plastic bags are made of polyethylene. Although the names of the two substances are similar, the chemical structure is far from the same. Polyethylene chemical molecular structure has a very strong stability, very difficult to degrade, so the plastic bag takes 300 years before it can be decomposed; and polypropylene's chemical structure is not strong, the molecular chain can be easily broken, which can effectively degrade , And in the non-toxic form into the next environmental cycle, a non-woven shopping bags can be completely decomposed within 90 days. And non-woven shopping bags can be reused more than 10 times, the environmental pollution after discarding only 10%

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